Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is in accordance with the regulatory requirements and these provisions serve as a module for our privacy practices.

What kind of information is required?

The information that we need are primarily meant for offering our services in a proper and meaningful manner. It is the prerogative of our users to decide whether to share their personal details with us. Where they refrain from sharing these details, we may not be able to offer the requested services.

These are the information that may be required from our customers:

  • Personal information including name, address, email ID, telephone number, credit card information, IP addresses and card/banking information.
  • Resources that you may access including traffic data, Geo-location data, weblogs and other communication information.
  • Relevant information to respond to your product or service query.
  • Information as required for filling a form on

How do we collect this information?

We collect your personal information in the following scenarios:

  • At the time of making a reservation
  • For product inquiry
  • For giving any feedback
  • For participating in online surveys
  • For registration for any notification related to products and festive offers
  • For communicating with our customer service department

How is this information used?

  • We may use your information to make adequate arrangements for providing services and send notifications in any appropriate manner.
  • To send notification pertaining to special offers.
  • To analyze market trends and associated demographic details for offering convenient deals.
  • The collected information may be disclosed to our website advertisers. However no personal information will be used for this purpose as we share only aggregate strategical information with these parties.
  • Third parties involved with respect to customer services, credit card processing, etc.
  • Your information might be disclosed to third parties who may acquire or attempt to acquire our assets (or any part of it), or our website that may contain your personal information.
  • Your information may be passed on to other parties providing goods or services that you may find quite relevant.

Whether the information is secure?

For the purpose of processing, managing and storage, your information data may be transferred to places outside the EEA. Hence, we will need your prior consent before any such transfer of information. Adequate measures will be taken to ensure the safety of your data.

Given the cyber risks associated with usage of internet, we cannot guarantee that transfer of information will be entirely secure. You share these details at your own risk. Your booking profile will include certain information that shouldn’t be shared with anyone else.

What are Cookies meant for?

Cookies are required to provide you with effective and enhanced services. Such minute text files are required to store basic computer information and involves data storage on your device or browser.

Links of external websites

You may come across numerous links to our associated websites that are added as an option that you may choose to consider. At the same time, we are not responsible for such websites as they do not adhere to our privacy policy. We recommend you to carefully read their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use in case you wish to continue using our services.

Our response to legal requests

Your information may be used for giving our response to a legal request, and or to fulfil a legal requirement.

Feedback and suggestions

Where you have any feedback or suggestion for any of our product or services, you can submit your suggestions about any of our service. Feel free to write to us at:

Policy Change

We hold the right to amend, alter or revise this privacy policy at any point of time without giving any prior notice.